Hello, I'm Courtnie and I currently live in Joplin, Mo. One of the first things you should know about me is that I have always wanted to be awesome at blogging and yet not until the past 4 months or so have I gotten serious about that and now I LOVE IT (not awesome at it yet, but baby steps right?)! So thanks for giving me a chance to share this fun endeavor with you.

I really enjoy life! My favorite thing about life is people! God designed us to be a part of community and although living in community is hard, it also can be one of the best parts about living! I am blessed beyond measure with the amazing community that I have the opportunity to be a part of; they truly are a family to me.   #solacefamily

While living life you need to have a hobby right?!? Something that you do with all your free time (wait you don’t have free time?!? Okay neither do I, but I find it from time to time). About a year ago my best friend Kristen and I decided it would be fun to open a vintage and handmade resale shoppe. However, since we couldn’t justify just quitting our jobs to make this a reality right away, we decided the smarter decision would be to try our hand at having a booth located inside an Antique Mall first, so we put our name on the waiting list for one of the most sought after locations for booth vendors in Joplin; Rangeline Antique Mall. After about 10 months of waiting we got the call, signed the lease, and got to work! After about 7 months we decided to try our hand at online selling (etsy rent is way cheaper) and its moving right along so this summer we moved our stuff to full store online and moved out of the booth! If you like finding lost treasure and pretty things check us out! Just click the Dry Bones Image on the right of the page!

You may have noticed my dog Duke, he is also a part of this blog. He is my little guy; he is the first dog I have ever really LOVED. You should check out his page too!

In closing here is a quick summary; I am tattooed city girl living in a small town, who loves; Jesus, life, people, Duke, music, pictures, blogging, thrifting, summertime, tea, coffee, and just all out FUN (cheesy summary right? PERFECT!)!

Thanks for stopping by!

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