Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?!

Sorry for my blogging absence! Life is so busy and crazy right now. Maybe next week I can get back to having a regular presence again. Don't give up on me guys!

Things that consume my time currently:

  • Work (new job, still learning, sometimes stressful)
  • Solace (cleaned out the old building on Saturday it was a bit of a sad day. Just launched a fund raiser and currently looking a new building be praying)
  • Dry Bones (getting ready for our Roadshow this weekend at the Joplin convention center)
  • Taxes (ugh I hate these so much)
  • Community (this I love but its time consuming. Last week we celebrated "galentines day" if you watch Parks and Rec you might know what this is, if not in short its ladies celebrating ladies and it happens the day before Valentines Day. It was so much fun there were about 12 of us girls who met at IHOP and just spent time enjoying each other and being girls it was so great!)
Well thats about all I have time for right now so until next time... 


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