Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time alone and relating to a Lady Bug....

Do you ever have those moments in life where you just need to get "away"? I was beyond that point so I knew I needed to get away for a day this weekend. I needed to "unplug" (phone off, no social networks, texting, phone calls, etc) and just enjoy life. I spent a day with Jesus and myself! I did things that I like to do. I called it a "personal day."

My day consisted of;
Traveling, reading, taking pictures (had the phone on airplane mode), treasure hunting (BUT only for me! Not to sell), sonic drinks, outdoor shopping centers, eating food I love, listening to music, listening to silence and enjoying beautiful bodies of water.

It truly was a perfect day! Here are some pictures and thoughts I would like to share with you from this amazing day!

I headed down to Arkansas for the day; Destination of Eureka Springs, AR! I had a general idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do (find a beautiful place with water and read) but other than that I had no plans. I had never been to that area I just knew it was suppose to be beautiful. 

The drive down to Arkansas is just beautiful anyway and this time of year and this sunny day was no different!

Made it!

Now onto Eureka Springs the whole drive was like this curvy roads and so much green! Absolutely beautiful! 

Treasuring hunting in pretty places!

This shop was so cute!
The owner Cheryl and I talked for bit about the art of treasure hunting and the fun we have doing it! She was a really neat lady and very inspiring. If you're ever in Eureka Springs go check out her little shop called the Velvet Otter at Inspiration point!

                                The view from Inspiration Point! Gah! Still takes my breath away!

So I basically ended up just driving through the town of Eureka (it was beyond busy and I really just had my heart set on finding a quiet place where I could sit and be with Jesus) but the town is SUPER cute and I would love to go back there sometime with friends and take in all that little town has to offer!

So now it was time to find a place to just relax. You know when you have your heart set on something and you know there has to be a place that you've pictured in you find but you just have to find it thats what happened to me. I knew exactly what I was looking for but I had no idea where to find it. But I knew that if I just drove around and go lost for a bit I would find it.....

AND HERE IT IS!!!!  This was EXACTLY where I wanted to be the whole time! Seriously so perfect! I just laid there and read, listened to the water crash up against the rocks and just hang out with Jesus in the most perfect place. What is that place for you? For me its always been bodies of water. I just connect with Jesus on such a greater level when I am in nature with water around. If you don't have a place I encourage you think of where that place would be for you! Where do you find connection (true deep connection) with Jesus???

I had a blessed conversation with an old friend a week ago who is a Children's Minister and she encouraged me to read "The Jesus Storybook Bible" I am grateful she did! That is the book I brought with me to read and it was so great! Just reading the stories of the Bible in a simple way and being reminded how much Jesus loves me was so perfect!

More picture spam but seriously it was so beautiful how could I not?!?

I love this picture so much!

Now for the story of the Lady Bug....
I watched this Lady Bug as she struggled. There was a slight breeze and she struggle to find a place that was calm. She went down into the deep of the grass but was not content there. She climb to the top of a blade of grass and was being blow by the wind. She couldn't find a place to rest. I tried to help her by placing a piece of paper near her to allow her to climb on and find rest but she resisted. She wanted know part in it. And then finally she went back the original place she had started. She was able to rest. She was able to find security in that one clove in the grass. As I watched this all unfold I began to relate to her. Her struggle was my life at that moment. I was struggling to find rest. I was searching high and low for secuirty. Friends tried to help and I was resisting. As soon as I went to my original place which was Jesus I found security. On/in Him I can rest. I find peace in Him my only real constant thing in life. I pray that I can remember this story of the struggle of the lady bug and the lesson that I learned.

Peace and rest my child...

After some reading, writing and praying it was time to enjoy the water. It had been teasing me all day! It was pushing 90 yesterday so I decided to climb down the rocks and get my feet wet! Did I mention that I love water?!

       I love this picture a whole lot!

After the amazing time I spent at Beaver Dam I decided it was time to head back into town and possibly hit up Sonic Happy Hour for a cold Diet Coke! And on my way back to Rogers, AR I just took some random photos of the random things I encountered.....

Part of me kinda wanted to eat here and part of me wanted know part in supporting this...

After my Happy Hour trip it was time for a little treasure hunting and retail therapy! I was too busy doing that to take any pictures of that.

After such a great day I decided the only perfect way to end it was by eating at my favorite burrito place! Flybo!

But God had an even better way to end it. The drive home with windows down singing praise songs and admiring the beautiful sky He had painted for my drive home...

It truly was a fabulous day!

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  1. That is just..... exactly what I need in my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing this as soon as Dan is back. But, not Arkansas. Maybe Portland :)