Sunday, June 9, 2013

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So at the beginning of this year one of my goals was to read more (I read 6 books last year and this year I wanted to double that). I started out strong and finished my first book 6 days into the year. But sadly since then I haven't finished a book. I've started several and have several half read but haven't completed any since that 6th day. So today I decided I needed to start working towards that goal again and finish some books but then I started a new book ha!

This "new" book is actually one I've thought about reading for awhile now it's been out for about 10 years but today I picked it up and the subtitle is what grabbed me; "A revolution of the soul." I want nothing more than a revolution of my soul right now. I'm longing for that! It could be a dangerous journey to embark on but I'm ready. So here's to the journey and here's to actually finishing this book!

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