Thursday, March 28, 2013


So I know I've said it before, but I love to bake! And my favorite thing about baking is baking things for other people (which is probably a good thing or I'd weigh 600 hundred pounds). The last two weeks in a row, I have baked something for my co-workers (Banana muffins one week and cupcakes the next) and today I promised to bring in Brownies tomorrow! 

Side note: As you may also know, I recently hosted an online Pampered Chef party and through that I acquired a new deluxe mini muffin pan and I've been dying to use it so.... brownie bites anyone? With that pan, I was sent some recipes that are perfect for it and one of them was Brownie-Wrapped Caramels (oh my!) End side note:

And here is what my co-workers get to enjoy tomorrow, I thought I would share this simple and yummy recipe with you all.

Brownie-Wrapped Caramels:

All you will need for this recipe is;
-A box of brownie mix (and the ingredients to make it)
-Muffin Tin
-Cooking Spray
-Oven (duh!)

The goods!

Step One: Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees.
Step Two: Spray Muffin Tin (I LOVE my Kitchen Spritzer) 

Step Three: Prepare Brownie Mix as directed.

Step Four: With a measuring Teaspoon, scoop brownie mix into muffin tin.

Now doesn't that look amazing?!

Step Five: Place unwrapped caramels in batter.

Hungry yet?!?

Step Six: Bake! I found this to be the harder part of the whole process (well besides trying really hard to not eat all the caramels before placing them in the batter, haha!) my first batch I WAY OVER cooked. My second batch I only allowed to cook for 12 mins and that seemed to be just about right. Next time I will probably do fudge brownies because I seem to prefer those over the milk chocolate kind I think.

Step Seven: ENJOY!