Wednesday, July 17, 2013

finding beauty pt. 1

In effort to find beauty in the daily routine I have been taking different routes to and from work. When you live in a small "city" after awhile you have to do something different. You have to search for those places that create wonder and awe in order to prevent stagnation and boredom. When you force yourself out of routine it tends to lead to new discoveries and those discoveries can bring simple joy and smiles to your day! These small joys and smiles have helped me find beauty in the routine.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of those places. So today I had to only work a half day so I took my iphone and became a tourist! (This may become a two part post, well actually it will be because I know I missed some other simple places of beauty). The first one is focused on the beauty I found in architecture. Joplin has some really beautiful buildings.

Here we go! (Also these were all taken on my iphone so they aren't super awesome and I am certainly no photographer)

This first house I stumbled upon and literally stopped my car in the middle of the road that first morning I saw it and fell in love. I took a picture that first morning and have not been able to stop thinking about it! I love the colors, the porch the hanging planters! Its so so cute! I couldn't find much on the history of this house. Maybe I should invite myself over for tea for story time haha!

This house and the following house are found in the Murphysburg Residential Historic District. In 1992, the City of Joplin designated Sergeant Avenue from Second Street to Fourth Street as the “Murphysburg Residential Historic District.” At the request of homeowners in the adjacent neighborhoods, the City of Joplin expanded the historic district in 2004. Today, the historic district encompasses Sergeant Avenue from First Street to Seventh Street and Moffet Avenue from First Street to Fourth Street. Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc., a non-profit corporation, endeavors to preserve the integrity of the district and raise public awareness.

This house has two swings hanging from the tree to the right :)

This house is for sale. I want to buy it! But I don't have $200,000

Now on to some of my favorite church buildings...

First Christian Church of Joplin. Check out the side of the building! This picture certainly does not capture the beauty of the stained-glass. Which makes me super sad! I may have to try to get a better picture and slip it into the next post.


 This next church, I am bummed there was this trailer out in front of this building because they are doing some renovations. This building is absolutely breathtaking! And HUGE! Its seriously one of my favorites!

St. Peter The Apostle Catholic Church. Here is some info I took from their website.

1876 - Father Henry O'Reilly established a parish consisting of 12-15 families of German, Irish, and French origin.  The parish grew............

1905 - Construction began on a new larger church.  Famous Joplin architect, Austin Allen, designed the church based on European Gothic medieval churches - the Late Gothic Revival style.

1907 - The new church was dedicated in November.  The total cost was $50,000.  It has 17 stained glass windows donated by founding families.

1913 - The rectory was built in the popular Prairie Foursquare design.  It is built of Carthage limestone and has 20 rooms and 65 windows.

2004 - Through the "Gift of Faith" campaign, the old slate roof was replaced and a new gathering area was added to the church.

2007 - We celebrated 100 years of worship in our beautiful house of prayer.  The parish grows............. 

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church (Built in 1912!)- This church I adore because of the giant red doors! They just make me smile every time I pass them! 

 United Hebrew Congregation. Fun fact when I was in college my Acts class was required to attend a service here! Its a pretty neat building. We don't really have a big Hebrew community it really has decreased over the years.

New Hope Assembly Church. I couldn't really find any information about their building. However, it is located in the Murphysburg Historic District. But seriously how cute is this church?!

This little church is called the Handy Chapel AME Church (African Methodist Episcopal). Its just a small little place but oh so cute!  

And now for just some random places...

I love this old coke advertisement on the side of this building downtown!

Joplin's Union Depot! This place is so neat and has so much history! Its sad to see the condition its in currently due to vandalism but its neat because of the stories it can tell! Here are some links if you're interested in reading more about our Union Depot

In this picture it is hard to tell but I stumbled across this mural in progress the other day. Joplin is getting A LOT of murals as of late. Its only in the tracing stage right now, It says "Welcome to Downtown Joplin Missouri" at the top and then below that in big letters it says "JOMO" and to the right of it there is some art work! I cant wait to see it completed!

There is so much more to discover and see in Joplin! I am thankful that I haven't discovered it all because that leaves room for adventure! 

 I live in a suburb of Joplin called Webb City. Here are some of the simple joys from my little town of Webb City!

                StoneCastle Community Church                                   First Presbyterian Church

Adorable House!

An old no longer in service Barber Shop. I hope someone buys this and renovates it!

An old service station turned Chamber of Commerce building!


           The beautiful Webb City Library!

And last but not least the cute little Route 66 Theater in downtown Webb City!

Thank you for taking the time to see my little tour of my small little "city." I hope you found some simple joys and some smiles while looking at the pictures and reading the rich history found in some of these places!

Don't forget to stop and find beauty in today! Sometimes if you just look up you can find that awe, wonder and beauty!

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