Sunday, March 17, 2013

created for...

        A few weeks ago I had someone remind me that I can choose to worship God or something that he has created.
        Often on Sunday evenings you'll find me sitting here in my apartment reflecting. I usually end up getting super bummed out on where my life is currently, that's happened the last two weeks in a row but tonight God re-reminded me that I can choose to worship Him or something that he has created. If I choose Him thats where my focus should be, not that I am not where "I think I should be" in life. He create me, He created life and those are not things to be worshipped but rather enjoyed. If I am worshiping; regarding Him with great or extravagant respect, honor, and or devotion and acting in His obedience than I should be content and find my worth in my Jesus in any and all situations.
      Be blessed today friends and allow God to be the only thing you regard with extravagant respect, honor and devotion. This is the reason you were created; to worship and bring glory to your father. We have an amazing call in life now lets remember to live that call out today and always. Christ in everything! And in light of St. Patrick's day I leave you with the prayer from St. Patrick's breastplate;

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